Should the government mandate residential sprinkler systems in every new home starting in 2011? What is your opinion on this controversial matter?

I have heard both pros and cons on the subject from my clients.  Some feel at any cost, safety comes first. I do understand this, but where does this stop?  Will the government dictate what furniture we have in our homes, clothes we wear, in order to protect us from hazards that may happen.

We are in the worst housing recession since World War II, why burden the consumer with additional expenses at this time?

The Pennsylvania Builders Association is trying to press a lawsuit that seeks to restore codes in effect since 2006, so as to eliminate the mandate for residential sprinkler systems, therefore saving the consumer an average of $11,000.00 per new home.  The PBA knows if this lawsuit doesn’t succeed, the steep increase in home prices will negatively affect our local economy tremendously.

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