Homebuyers have a strong preference for a “powder” bath or 1/2 bath so guests need not appreciate your son’s rubber duckies in the tub. However, we’ve all seen homes where that powder bath location left us a bit… bewildered.

Bathroom noise is one issue to consider, as is the view. Specifically, if the door to the powder bath is left open, are you staring at the toilet? Terry Golden, a RealtorĀ® in Lansing Michigan, used to refer (humorously) to that layout as “having an extra seat in the kitchen!”

Equally embarrassing can be homes where a toilet is part of the front entry view. Overcoming the problem sounds easy-simply keep the door shut at all times-but in reality that solution doesn’t work because you never know if that bathroom is being used when the door is always closed.

When such a powder bath location makes the most sense, it may be possible to design its arrangement so that the sink or vanity is what’s in view-not the toilet.