Better than mudroom - rear foyer locker, desk and storage cabinet The door from the garage has become our most-used entry into the home. So, we look at this space as a ‘rear foyer’—not a mere mudroom.

Just as you wouldn’t make your laundry room a part of your front entry foyer, you won’t see the laundry in your rear foyer, either!

Our research revealed nothing is more stressful for Moms than getting the family out the door on-time in the morning, with everything they need. Rear foyers may offer solutions such as lockers for each of the kids, and even walk-in closets. A bench for removing shoes is also popular.

Mail, keys, cell phones, cameras…wouldn’t it be great to have a convenient place to drop our stuff so it doesn’t end up as kitchen clutter, or worse? Our hot new concept -the drop zone- is the answer. Drop zones often incorporate a recharging center, mail sorting, drop-off counter, plus storage for everything from flashlights to sunglasses. They may also double as a family message center when outfitted with cork board or a white write-on board.