Builders come in diffferent types and sizes and so do Builder Showrooms. The Builder Showroom is often a reflection and indicator of the “type” of Builder. 

There are essentially three “types” of Builders: (a) Production, (b) Semi-Custom/Production, and (c) Custom. 

If you are planning to “build,” it’s a good idea to visit the Builder’s Showroom early in the “decision-making” process. It’s more tangible than an advertisement, sales pitch, or marketing brochure and will tell you alot about the Builder. 

For example,  

Are there adequate (good quality) selections available at no extra cost or are you going to have to “upgrade” many items to get the house you envisioned?  If so, this could be an unanticipated “hidden cost.”

Are you comfortable with the Showroom? Does it match up with the “Sales Presentation” and your perception of the Builder?

“Production” Builders generally restrict options and selections to maintain maximum efficiency and save cost. Selections might be limited to color choices from a limited product line and in some cases, even the color choices are limited. For example, I was told by one local supplier that a local “Production Builder” limits the carpet selection to 1 of 3 colors in one line of carpet and only allows one color carpet throughout the house. Anything more will cost extra.

“Semi-Custom/Production” Builders generally offer more choices but like to adhere to some standards to keep cost down. To use the carpet example, a “Semi-Custom/Production” Builder might have a standard carpet line to choose from in a wide array of colors and multiple colors can be selected for different rooms in the house. An optional line of carpet might also be provided for your selection.

Fine Line Homes Showroom

Fine Line Homes Showroom

“Custom” Builders tend not to adhere to many standards because every house is unique and standards don’t often apply.

Again to use carpet as an example, the Custom Builder might provide an “allowance” in the price of the home and Buyer might go to a local carpet store to make a choice. This is more expensive, complicated, and time-consuming but that is the nature of  building a custom home. There are few standard selections and all the products are more custom.  

Exterior Surfaces

Exterior Surfaces

 Fine Line Homes is a Semi-Custom/Production Builder that provides a unique and enjoyable Showroom experience. It is possible to build the house you envisioned without having to make any upgrades due to the quality of “included features.”

If you want something more “custom” or “luxurious” that is easily accomodated and those selections are also available.

The Fine Line Homes Showroom in Harrisburg, PA is located at 7300 Derry Street and is open Mon-Fri during normal business hours (9-5). Contact any Fine Line Homes Community Sales Manager to schedule an appointment and tour the Showroom. You won’t be disappointed and it will give you a much better impression of what we build and how we build than any brochure or advertisment possibly could.