For many folks, building a home is something they may experience only once or twice in a lifetime.  We all know that you learn through practice and doing something once or twice provides a little knowledge but not a lot of experience.  How then, can the typical homeowner gain confidence in building a home if they don’t do it often?  The answer is to select a builder that has both longevity as a business and who has built homes for many customers.  In doing so you gain the knowledge and expertise from all those years of experience.

A lot of time and thought goes into finalizing plans for your new home and your builder should offer suggestions on things that you might not have considered.  Again, using the experience from past customers and sharing worthwhile ideas with prospective customers provides remarkable value to the new customer.  As an example, Fine Line Homes offers Themed Enhancement Packages for customers to consider.  They may not be for everyone, but they engage the customer to think about aspects of the home that they might not have thought about before.  We try to avoid the feeling of “If only I had thought about that before….”   In many cases, the enhancements can easily be done during construction, but after the house is completed, they’d be hard to retrofit.

It is just another way that Fine Line Homes uses it’s 39 years of experience in assisting customers in the design, planning, and building of their new home.