Designing for Blended FamiliesIn second marriages where kids are still in the household, home design takes on a special emphasis.

Parents want to interact with all of the children and encourage the kids to spend time together. Open floorplans enhance communication—even if the parent is just working in the kitchen while keeping an eye on what the kids are doing in the family room.

All parents share the experience of arguing with kids over loud TV/music/gaming volume coming from bedrooms. Solid core doors offer more privacy. Talk with us about other quiet solutions for your new home.

Moms know their girls spend a lot of time in the bathroom, which usually doubles as their dressing, hair care and make-up center. They need privacy and space for their items—one of the big reasons for “compartmented” bathrooms where a door typically separates the vanity/sinks from the toilet and tub.

Even laundry rooms are a design consideration for blended families. No one wants to see another family member’s underwear. That’s just one more reason buyers don’t want the laundry as part of a “mudroom!”