Adding a Drop Zone to your home can be beneficial to all members of your family.

Following up on a suggestion by Paul Foresman of nationally acclaimed home design company Design Basics Inc., I often begin a conversation with potential home building prospects with the question – “Where do you put down your mail, keys or purse when you come through the garage door?” Honestly, many responses are “we really don’t have a place but wish we did…” Bingo – here comes the wonderfully designed, ease of lifestyle, fantastically convenient answer to this often troublesome problem.

Many Fine Line Homes can be set up in the rear foyer area with either a Drop Zone comprised of a desk w/drawer and top cabinets to hold mail and even phone books, reference materials and phone chargers, etc. The wall area near the Drop Zone can accommodate twin outlets for phone jacks and internet as well as electric connections.

The Drop Zone as well as the Bench and Locker System are constructed of sturdy wood cabinet construction and come in all the stain colors our kitchen and lavatory cabinets.

If there are school age children in the home, then the Bench and Lockers system (accommodating either 2 or 3 lockers) makes Mom and Dad smile as the children eagerly organize themselves for each new school day or after school sports activity.

Have a Fine Line Homes Housing Consultant show you all the benefits of the Drop Zone, bench & Locker System.