Television mounted above the fireplaceMore and more people are recognizing the advantages of flat screen TVs that are wall mounted.  They have a lot to offer your home in terms of aesthetic appeal, extra space in your viewing room, and most importantly comfort.  Watching TV can put undue pressure on your neck and back, but when it is mounted on the wall at the correct height and good angle, it is wonderful.

A very popular place to put a wall mounted TV is above a fireplace.  It really allows for good use of the space above the mantle and one can bask in the glow of the fireplace and watch TV at the same time!

I made this change in my household last Christmas and it allowed me to add an extra overstuffed chair to the room.  I never had enough space for all of the family to sit around and watch a football game before.  Now we enjoy the TV and all the company as well!