winterize your lawnmowerSeptember is soon coming to a close and soon the color of the leaves will be changing along with cooler days and nights with a lot less humidity. It’s also time to get the last few lawn cuttings in before winter sets in.

When that’s all done for the year, make sure the lawn mower and other gas operated items you use are winterized for the long dormant time they won’t be used. The fuel in these machines should be used up so there is nothing left in the fuel tank that may cause a problem for next year when they are needed again.

Gas today has a greater concentration of ethanol that should be used while the fuel is still fresh. During the summer fresh fuel is added on a regular basis there won’t be too many problems at that time. The fuel we use today has a shelf life and it changes properties when it sets for a longer period of time. There are several additives that can be added to fuel to insure freshness but I recommend draining the fuel from each machine after summer use so next year when you are ready to use the equipment again fuel problems should not be a problem.