Last week I attended a ventilation seminar provided by Air Vent Inc. specifically for Fine Line Homes employees. Honestly, I was not very excited about this meeting because I thought, how much could I possibly learn about attic ventilation.

Well, I was wrong.  It was fascinating!  Because of our effort as a builder to provide you with the most energy efficient homes, windows and doors are more airtight, insulation levels are at an all time high, and house wrap is standard, This is a great thing for energy savings, but the indoor air quality of your home suffers as well as having attic ventilation problems when your home is airtight.

We at Fine Line Homes provide a ventilation system that will take care of the above problem.  We install a ridge vent on every home.  They are located on the peak of the gable roof and they are very well hidden from sight.  They allow great air flow to the attic.  Ridge vents are probably the most reliable way to ventilate your attic, because wind does not affect the performance, as it would with gable vents.

We also install hidden vent soffits on all our homes under the eves and porches.  Let me explain how ridge and soffit venting work in combination with each other.  They do so through the push and pull approach of air flow.  Cool air comes in through the soffits and as it heats up, rises to the peak of the home where the ridge vent will let the air escape.  By installing both these products, this allows for the warm air to continually move out of the attic, thereby keeping your roof cooler and pulling moisture out of your attic.  This process will prevent mold, rot and mildew.