Today, we are thrilled to announce a rebrand of our logo and a refreshed website for our customers, the first brand update since 2009. The effort is part of a company-wide initiative modernizing Fine Line Homes’ branding and marketing strategy which we hope will allow us to stay even more relevant to today’s audience, contribute to building more homes and respond to what we’re hearing from our customers.

The new mark was selected from many finalized concepts with Fine Line’s leadership team, including the founder and president of the company, Mr. George Parmer. “It’s a great time to breathe new life into our brand,” said Mr. Parmer. “We are thrilled to launch the updated look as we continue to grow and we remain committed, as we have for more than 46 years, to our customers and their priorities for a better home.”

The goal behind the updated identity was to create a look that would be intentionally simple, conveying our traditional roots while also modernizing the feel of the company, putting us in line with our most respected and successful peers in the country. The new color palette introduces a sophisticated and modern tone while preserving the conservative approach of our family-owned company. We will roll out the new brand across all customer touchpoints throughout the next few months.



In addition to redesigning the logo, we have created a refreshed version of our website and also have plans to release a fully revamped experience later in the year. We will continue spending time understanding and enhancing the ways that customers walk through the home buying journey. From the latest in home designs, to available resources for buyer’s research, to new channels of communication, Fine Line Homes will introduce new ideas that aim to make the buying process more comfortable and better equipped for today’s most discerning home owner.