One of the first questions that we seem to hear from Customers:

What are the Hidden costs?

The costs you have in building a home are not invisible you just have to realize what they are. In reality there are no hidden costs it’s just that some are unknown or are variable costs.

Here is a list of typical Building Costs you will need to consider:

  • Land
  • Home
  • Site Development
  • Permits
  • Closing Costs
  • Home Owner Association Fee’s


Naturally this is an obvious item that you will need to build your new home. Location can affect the price along with, acreage, utilities (water & sewer), being in a development all can affect the price of land. Your land can also affect the type of house you may want to or realistically can build on your lot depending on lot size, grades and site conditions.

I will try to address the balance of these topics on a more individual basis in future articles so please check in from time to time.