We are just moments away from football overload can you feel it?  You’ll have your grill fired up, cold beverages in the refrigerator, and great family & friends at your home.

Outside of being at the stadium it gets no better than this, right?  Well it does get better….much better!!!

When building with Fine Line Homes, we can offer football fans or sports fans in general the ultimate in-home game day experience.  We offer our customers the opportunity to install a built-in entertainment package that’s pre-wired for surround sound, Hi-definition television, and includes  preparing the wall for your mounting  bracket for that flat screen TV.  Think about that for a second you can get the entire home theatre setup without having all of the wires in plain sight.  You get the ultimate home theatre experience with none of the mess!   Just think, you will feel every bone jarring hit on the college gridiron and see the brilliant yellow penalty flags for any contact made with a QB on the NFL level.  You will never want to leave home for a game ever again!