One of my favorite things about designing a new home is working with my clients on their kitchen.  The kitchen is where everyone tends to congregate so obviously you want it to be both functional and beautiful.

I had the pleasure of working with some very special clients this year who love to entertain and cook. They knew exactly what they wanted their kitchen to look like.  For example, the love to enjoy wine, so we built in a spot for a wine refrigerator along with a beautiful wine glass cabinet above.

Holidays are typically at their home, so they wanted a double wall oven and a large cook top of course.  A really cool feature we installed was a microwave drawer that was tucked easily in the kitchen island. This way it is not as visible and is easier to access, not having to reach over boiling pots on a range.

Our highlight kitchen with the exquisite crown molding, cabinets that bump out and up turned this kitchen into what I would call a “killer kitchen”.