When it comes to Kitchens and Primary Suite Bathrooms you can create a great work space with Task Lighting such as Under Cabinet Lights and  Wall Sconce Lights to illuminate areas. Recessed Can Lights can fully illuminate an area or room or you can add a dimmer to reduce lighting for a softer lighting.

Another style of lighting is Decorative Lighting which includes fixtures such as accent or Flair lights to call attention to a certain area. A Recessed Eye Ball Light placed above a Fireplace can be adjusted to high light a Picture or Mantle area.

There are many different areas in a home that can benefit from the various lighting options. Another thing to consider in the lighting of your home is the color or temperature of the bulbs to be used (cool or warm shades). And today we have some newer options such as CFL and LED Lighting to consider.

Exterior lighting can make a statement. Here you may add something as simple as a Lamp Post in front or your home, a Candle Circuit provides light in the windows or you can get creative by adding Soffit Lights for down lighting on the front surface of the house. Low voltage landscape lighting serves a function of lighting the walkway and spots can accent the home.

Many areas to consider and talk over with your Housing Consultant during your planing process.