I’m not an authority on Math and certainly did not excel in it during school but feel compelled to write on the subject. I’m personally frustrated with the number of Builders using what I’ll call Funky Math when promoting their homes. They increase their prices of their homes and then advertise a large price reduction. This makes it sound like they are offering a great deal that won’t last long. This can easily be done when their prices are not printed and known. Fine Line Homes consistently publishes the prices and specifications on home designs which can be built on a lot in one of our Communities or on a lot you already own. You will not see a 20% Off “Sale” but you can rest assured you will receive a fair price and excellent value.

While I’m fired up on comparison pricing, let me address another topic. Some Builders include an allowance for materials in their base pricing. When you go to make your selections you may find the allowance is not nearly enough. You either pay the overage or accept what the allowance will cover. It also typically means running around to various businesses to see the products. Each office location at Fine Line offers the convenience of a Display Center where you can see a vast selection and know exactly what is included in the price.  The only allowance used is for the site development work since that will vary with the lot conditions.

Sometimes shopping by price can cost you. Make sure you accurately compare the bottom line cost with the included features and purchase from a Builder with a reputation of integrity.