PEX is a polyethylene tubing that has been developed to replace rigid piping systems such as, steel pipe, copper tubing, CPVC among other products. The PEX system offers many advantages over rigid piping systems:

  • Requires up to 90% less fittings
  • More Sanitary – no fluxes or chemicals
  • Encrustation resistant – no mineral and lime build up like other materials
  • Corrosion resistant – tubing can be installed directly in concrete
  • Freeze damage resistant – able to expand and avoid ruptures
  • Quieter than copper or CPVC systems – does not amplify noise

PEX tubing offers flexibility in installation techniques – branch and supply or manifold installation. The manifold system runs dedicated water lines to each plumbing fixture, which will deliver hot water fast, provide consistent temperature and pressure and save water and energy.