When planning you dream kitchen, the dilemma of where to put the kitchen sink becomes an issue.

Lexington floor plan There are pros and cons to consider when making this decision. If you are someone who likes to look out a window while at your kitchen sink, then you would want to have the sink on an outside wall. Using an outside wall verses an island for the sink tends to keep the “after meal “clutter and cleanup to a minimum and somewhat out of site. If the sink is on an island, the same clutter would be in the open making it harder to keep the area looking neat and clean.

Keep in mind that usually the dishwasher is right next to the sink for plumbing purposes so dirty dishes, pots and pans end up here. If you would like to have seating around your island bar with a sink you may want to consider a raised bar. This will provide a barrier from the sink and will hide some of the clutter from view.

With the sink in the island, you will face people sitting at the bar while working at the sink keeping you more involved with family and friends.

The Lexington kitchen design shown provides a view from the sink to the outside and the dining area/family room.

Choosing a home design that best fits your lifestyle is important because you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen and dinette area of your home.