When looking at a Lot to build on, there are a few questions you should be asking in order to be within the budget that you set forth.

  1. Does this Lot have town water and sewer?
    A Lot with public water and sewer may appear to cost more but a Lot requiring a well and septic can cost an additional $20,000-$30,000 is site development cost. If the Lot requires a septic, ask the location and the approved type and design.
  2. How Level is this Lot?
    Earth moving expenses can really add-up with land that needs to be cut away or filled in and re-worked. Sloped Lots may require additional foundation work.
  3. How wet is this property?
    If it’s been dry and the Lot is marshy and wet, you may be looking at some water problems to address. A footer drain can capture water and help to address running water on the basement floor. If the Lot slopes, a gravity runoff drain can be used. If the Lot does not slope, the footer drain discharges the water into a sump pump, then pumps the water away from the house.
  4. How far away are the utilities?
    This can increase your earth moving and material costs. It is recommended to confirm the location of utilities to the Lot and where the utilities will enter the house before you purchase.
  5. Access to the Lot
    Will there be appropriate sight distances where you want to enter and install the driveway? Will there be trees to remove? Will the drive cross a waterway requiring added cost and possibly additional permits?

By asking these questions before you purchase a lot, you can hopefully avoid incurring some surprises and added cost later that you may not have budgeted for.