We have all been turned off by a pushy Salesman who cares more about making the sale than meeting our needs. The one size fits all approach that is used by too many people in sales does not take into consideration your unique desires and needs. Typically they do not take time to listen to what the customer really wants and often jump to conclusions on what is best for them.

Our Housing Consultants at Fine Line Homes take a much different approach.  You will find them trained and knowledgeable on home construction and design. As important though you will enjoy working with them as they earn your trust. Each person has unique needs and objectives and they will take the time to learn what you want in a new home. The Consultants will review over 55 home designs and can often demonstrate revisions to the plan on their computer. Generally they provide pricing on the spot so you do not have to wait for days and weeks.

In summary, the difference between a Salesman and a Consultant is that Consultants treat the customer with importance and respect. Contact one of our Housing Consultants today to begin your ultimate new home experience.