So you have finally made a decision that you’d like to build a new home, now what?  The first bit of business is to prioritize what you need in a house.  If you are a retiree and are living with your spouse in an empty nest you should probably focus on a home that has 2-3 bedrooms versus a home that will have 4-5.  There’s no practical sense in paying utilities for 2 or 3 rooms that you won’t use.  If you own one vehicle it makes very little sense to build a home with a 3 car garage.  If you have a large family and host large dinners often then it would make more sense for you to build a home with a formal dining room versus one with a dinette only.  If you have 2-3 children still living at home it might be in your best interest to pick a home that has both a family room and living room to allow everyone a little space so everyone is not walking over each other.  The main thing when it comes to picking the right home for yourself is separating what you need to have from what you want.  If you are able to do this you will be able to save money during the building process and long after it also.  If you are honest with yourself you will get the home of your dreams without buyers’ remorse.