Starting construction now can have you ready to plant lawn in the Spring

Most people are under the assumption that if you don’t get your foundation in soon, you will have to wait until next spring to build a new home.  The other assumption people have is that you have to get the roof on before the first snow flies. That’s not the case anymore. Winter construction is not only possible, it can offer advantages for both owner and contractor.

There are new products and technologies that allow us to work straight through the winter. Snow is a lot more forgiving than rain for that matter.  We can generally build through the winter without many weather delays.

My daughter built through the winter months because she wanted to get into the house in spring as opposed to starting in spring and moving in the winter.  Historically interest rates are typically lower in the fall and winter as well.

The cost savings can be be an advantage due to the fact that most builders raise their prices at the beginning of the year.  Our goal is to produce a consistent, quality product no matter the weather.