image9 How do you want to access your primary suite closet-directly off the bedroom, or via a door from your bathroom?

This has been an ongoing debate for several years and it pretty much boils down to personal preferences-and sometimes design constraints.

Homes like our Nottingham, have separate doors from the bedroom leading to the primary suite’s bathroom and to the walk-in closet. This approach eliminates the “bathroom-as-a-hallway” concern of always having to go through the bathroom to get to the closet. It also alleviates concerns some have regarding the possibility of too much moisture in the closet area.

Fans of transitioning to the closet from the bathroom point to the convenience of direct closet access after bathing. This can be especially welcome when spouses’ schedules differ, minimizing interruption if one spouse is trying to sleep as the other is getting ready.

With the Nottingham, the closet door could be moved to the angled wall opposite the whirlpool tub. From a design perspective, there’s one less door interrupting the primary bedroom walls, easing furniture placement. And, though you lose hanging on that angled wall, you gain significantly more hanging overall, offering greater storage.

So, at Fine Line Homes we offer both types of closet access. And, if your preference differs from how we’ve designed the closet in the plan you prefer, ask us about moving the door to make the home perfect!