Before you purchase a lot with Town/ City supplied water and/or Town/City supplied sewer make sure the connections are on or at least to the lot. We have customers who purchased a lot and find that the services are available to service the new house, but they have to be;

  • Brought to the lot from down or across the street.
  • Brought across the neighbors land which may require a “Right of Way” from the neighbor.

Also check that electric and gas are available.  Don’t assume that services that were available at your present home or other lots you have looked at are available at the new lot you are considering purchasing.

One way to verify locations and availability of services is to have the SELLER provide a professional survey marking the locations verified by the services.  That goes for phone, TV cable and High Speed Internet also. Taking the word of the owner or the agent that the connections “ are there” can cost you thousands later when you go to have the services connected and find they are available but the service company will have to run a line, a pipe or a cable a few hundred feet at a cost to the new owner, an additional cost you were not expecting.