Are you thinking about building a new home and would like to have a walk out basement?  If you are, there are some things you may want to consider when choosing a lot. A walk out basement means that you want a lot that has a gradual slope to it. Preferably from the front to the back and ideally from side to side as well.

You will need at least a 7’ to 8’ drop in elevation in approximately 35’ to 65’ which is the average depth & width of a home to have drainage that takes water away from the foundation and not towards it. If you have that kind of slope it will mean that you will have some additional costs for the frost wall to be added to the foundation as you will need to have the footers below the frost line. If you have” too much” slope you could get into “additional” frost wall cost along with fill material that is needed to level basement and grade around the exposed basement walls.

Another tip to help minimize site development costs for a sloped lot would be to keep the garage on the high side of the lot if you have a lot that slopes side to side. It may not eliminate additional foundation costs but will help minimize it. If you keep the garage on the low side this will require additional foundation cost along with fill material cost to fill in the garage and then base material and stone to bring the drive up to meet the garage floor level.

The best thing to do would be to meet with your Fine Line Homes Housing consultant to schedule a site meeting on your with one of our Foreman to look at and review the land you are intending to purchase. They can give you suggestions and also give you options as to how to place you home on your lot.