Some investors try to time the stock market fluctuations. Buying and selling stock in an attempt to maximize their return. Often these investors guess wrong and end up with a lessor return then if they had left their investments alone. Looking at the big picture long term, approaching your investing with a business as usual approach is generally the safer and wisest course to follow.

Trying to time the bottom of the real estate market is also a gamble. Some hold off purchasing a home or building a home thinking interest rates and home prices will go lower. Even if they can afford it and they finally find the perfect property and location, there decision is to wait. The real estate market can change quickly with interest rates and availability of homes in constant flux. The market is affected by many factors. If your personal finances qualify you to purchase now, you could very well look back in time and see just that like the stock market, a business as usual approach is the prudent way to go. While historically real estate values over the long term have performed extremely well, more important is the quality of life and savings from energy efficiency a new home can provide for you and your family.