Travel Center Always on the go? Then you’re sure to appreciate our Travel Center option, designed to keep everything handy and make packing a snap!

You know where your suitcase has been…so you’re probably not going to want to pack it on the clean bedspread! Our travel center was inspired by customers who wanted storage plus convenience when it came to preparing to leave town.

“I know where that suitcase has been, and it’s not getting packed on my clean bedspread!” “I live for spontaneous travel. I need a place to keep overnight essentials.” “Finding a place to store the suitcase is a pain.”

The Travel Center addresses all of these issues and more. Situated in the primary suite walk-in closet as shown on the Manchester, packing the suitcase couldn’t be easier as everything you need is conveniently within reach. You don’t have to run up or down stairs to fetch the suitcase and it’s stored where it doesn’t need to be constantly moved out of the way.