Catch up on Part 1 – Unwrapping the “Hidden Costs” of Building a Home – Site Development

Naturally your largest cost in building a home will be the home itself. Each home plan has different features that will affect the price and the style of a home can also affect the price as well.  You are only limited to your possibilities & options by your budget.


Permit costs can vary significantly from township to township.  The most common types of permits are Zoning and Building which are normally purchased through the township or municipality that you are building in.

There may be other permits such as a Driveway Permit and depending on the location you may need a Highway Occupancy Permit from the state if your driveway is accessing a state road and not a township road.

Other permits include Sewer, Water, Septic and Well. These will be expanded further in my next article on Utilities.  Though not all inclusive, these are list of the main permits that you may need to build a home.

Your Local Fine Line Homes’ Housing Consultant can help guide you through the Permit process.