types of light bulbs Many continue using incandescent light bulbs, a statement that could be uttered for the last 130 years. It was past due time to replace these heat and energy generating bulbs with bulbs that are much more energy efficient. A new home is constructed with many energy saving and green materials throughout yet lighting was not being addressed until 2007 with the Energy Independence and Security Act.

Eric Winslow, President and CEO of Citizens Electric Company, provides the following information on new lighting products and the projected savings compared to the old style incandescent bulb:

Halogen incandescent bulbs – look like the traditional bulbs but are about 25% more efficient and last 3 times longer.

Compact fluorescent bulbs –the swirly style CFL’s are the most common bulb on the market. They offer a savings of 75% and last about 10 times longer.

Light-emitting diodes – LED’s are commonly used in electronics, saving 75% and lasting 25 times longer.

Technology continues to improve and the cost continue to decrease for these products. It’s important to think about multiple factors when choosing the right lightbulb. When you consider the projected longer life of the bulb, they not only save you money in the long run, you will not need to find and dig out your ladder to be changing bulbs as frequently.