No matter your answer, each of us longs to come home to a place where we know we belong. A place where we comfortably fit into the fabric of our surroundings–where we can truly be ourselves.

What is it about a house that makes you call it home?

Once you decide on a plan, you have chosen your house; personalizing the house–through product selections, decorating, and possibly modifications to the home plan–makes it your home. “What’s the difference?” you might ask. By definition, a house and a home hold two different perceptions:

  • House = a building that serves as living quarters; a shelter or refuge.
  • Home = the social unit formed by family living together; a familiar or usual setting; the focus of one’s domestic attention. (Merriam Webster)

Remember the old adage, Home is where the heart is? Until you start adding your personal touch, a house is the structure and a home is where and how you live. Most of us can get pretty attached to our home–we’ve put a lot into it to make it our own, a reflection of our style.