It’s a tough question to answer. How do you describe an energy efficient feeling?  This question played out in my mind recently while I was at a family gathering.  While sitting in the family room of a newly constructed home I felt a very chilly breeze on my neck.  To my surprise when I turned around to see where this breeze was coming from, the only thing near me was a light switch on an exterior wall.  What allowed this breeze to infiltrate the house through this light switch????  It was most likely the Batt insulation that was used in the house.  While still a good product, Batt insulation can allow for cold air to penetrate through minute openings that the insulation does not fill.  As part of our Building Green initiative at Fine Line Homes, we use BIBS (Blow-In-Blanket-System) in the walls to eliminate voids and gaps Batt insulation leaves open and each electrical light switch and receptacle on exterior walls have a gasket to further reduce drafts.

So to answer the question what does energy efficient insulation feel like?  Well, it feels like nothing and that’s a great thing.