Landscaping really enhances the curb appeal of a home. Correctly done, it provides varying color and texture and is environmentally friendly. Professional landscaping makes a positive first impression and welcomes your guest as they make their way to the entry of your home.

Our home was built in 1993, so the original landscaping was installed 19 years ago. My brother Tim owns Buffalo Creek Landscapes in Lewisburg. I can still remember when he planted the original plants and thinking they were too small and spaced too far apart. I soon realized why he did that. The plants grew in very quickly and within a few short years I was thinking they were too large and too close together.

The plants had become so over grown they were encroaching on the sidewalk and reaching heights that blocked the view of our home. It was past time to address this. Once again my brother was called into action. He removed many of the original over grown plants and replaced them with new and added mulch as well. We are very pleased with the results. It no longer looks like a jungle and has really opened up the front of our home.

The pictures illustrate the difference though the “Before” picture was actually taken several years ago and does not accurately portray how over grown it had become.