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hidden costs with building

Building prices are like an iceberg. An honest builder reveals what’s below the surface. Building your dream home is exciting. According to the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than 1,000,000 new houses will…

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Up-Front Home Prices vs. Allowances

WHY YOU SHOULD AVOID BUILDER ALLOWANCES AT ALL COSTS New home builders that use allowance pricing could learn an important business lesson from 11-year-old Charlotte McCourt. Charlotte, a New Jersey Girl Scout, is serious about honesty, especially with customer service.…

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Advice on Financing Your First Home

Buying your first house is very exciting. But financing your home purchase can be a daunting experience. In both cases, do your research and shop carefully to ensure you find exactly what you want and need. Deciding how much to spend…

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Closing on your new home

Closing On Your Home

Settlement (or closing) is the process that passes ownership of a property from seller to purchaser. Going to settlement on a new home can be bewildering. Home buyers are usually required to sign a seemingly endless pile of documents, most…

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Tax Tips for Home Owners

As the April 15th deadline to file 2015 taxes quickly approaches. Here are a few tax tip blog articles we shared, in previous years, to help you maximize deductions and save money. Want to rest assured you have all the documents you need…

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