Building prices are like an iceberg. An honest builder reveals what’s below the surface.

Building your dream home is exciting. According to the U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than 1,000,000 new houses will be constructed this year.

If the thought of building has ever crossed your mind, you’ve also probably wondered: How much will it cost to build a new house? The answer might be more complicated than you initially believe because of everything that goes into constructing a home and the choices you can make along the way.

That said, Fine Line Homes’ mission is to make the building process more convenient, simple and fun. This includes total transparency about your building expenses and materials. With Up-Front Pricing you’ll get exact pricing without any hidden costs and know the products are a higher quality.

Unfortunately, not all home builders are as straightforward. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll reveal unknown costs and hidden fees some builders use as a sales tactic.


Iceberg Ahead: Revealing Hidden Building Costs

Think of a new home estimate with a very low price as an iceberg. Like an iceberg, the misleading price is comprised of two parts: the part that’s visible above the surface and the part that’s hidden below the surface.

The part above the surface is obvious. That low price gets your attention. But, just like an iceberg, there’s a lot more below the surface you can’t see.

Some home builders hide or minimize the less obvious building expenses just to get your business. Hidden costs may not be visible or understood, but they are still present and will impact your plans.


Examples of Hidden Costs with Building



The price of a plot of land to build your new home on varies by location. In turn, the condition of the land can affect the type of home you can build.


Site Development

Preparing the land for the home is by far the most variable cost when building. Basically, you never know what you’re going to find until you start digging.

Excavation costs include clearing the land, digging and backfilling the foundation, connecting the utilities, installing the driveway, and trash removal. This is only a partial list because each lot will have different conditions. Since the exact costs are not known until the work is completed, builders often include an allowance or budget for the site development.



The cost of providing your new home with power, sewage disposal, and water depends upon the land you build on and varies by the company supplying the service.



Companies that offer very low pricing on their home plans often include allowances. This means the price doesn’t include many of the items you want in your new home such as high quality appliances and cabinets.



Permit costs and requirements vary depending on the new home’s location. Your local Fine Line Homes Housing Consultant can help guide you through the permit process.


Closing Costs

Closing costs are often overlooked but should be taken into consideration. Some of the most common closing costs include banking fees, attorney’s fees, and taxes. Also, if you’re building or buying a home in a development that has an Association, you’ll have a Homeowner’s Association Fee.


In Conclusion

When interviewing potential builders, be wary of new home prices that seem too low to be true. There may be hidden costs, and the final price could be more expensive than you had planned to spend.

Once you’ve made the emotional commitment to build, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to postpone the project or pay much more than you were anticipating.

Finally, make sure you ask what kind of warranty the home builder offers. A new home warranty can help ease your mind and save you some money down the road. Fine Line Homes includes the RWC 10 Year New Home Warranty with all homes.


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