This time of year we all focus on shopping. For those who survived Black Friday, there is just a short time left to finish your gift purchases. There are several things to consider before making a decision on that perfect gift to purchase such as price, availability and incentives.

With the Pa Electric Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act you can now shop companies who generate and supply electricity. Rates that were capped during the transition period have since expired. Price, incentives and types of generation such as coal, solar and wind are all considerations. When shopping for the best price, use the “Price to Compare” which can be obtained for each company. Your local utility company as the distributor will continue to maintain wires and poles to deliver power. Typically you will not experience any noticeable changes in receiving power when you opt for an alternate generation supplier.

The prudent shopper for Christmas presents makes a list and researches the selection, quality and options. It is important to be an informed shopper when considering choosing a company to supply your power. You can learn more about Pennsylvania Electric Choice on their website.