Knowing how to add value to your home isn’t about making huge changes. Small improvements here and there can add to your enjoyment in your home until it’s time to sell – whether that’s next year or next decade.

It doesn’t matter if you’re about to say goodbye or you’re just settling in for the long-haul: your home means something to you. That’s why it’s worth adding enjoyment value to your home as well as potential upgrades for a higher resale price at the end of it.

Whether you want to spruce up your home to make the most of it or add to an imminent resale price, try these simple tips to create more value from your property.


How to Add Value to Your Home in Five Easy Steps

You don’t need to make huge changes or remodel your entire property to add value to your home. These five easy steps could add thousands of dollars to your property’s resale value, or give you a sense of happiness for years to come.


1. Get Savvy with Storage Solutions

Small houses or older properties without much storage can lead to clutter. Finding smart storage solutions will help you to organize your home.

This added organization will make your home feel calmer as you’re living in it – and easy to tidy for viewings when you’re ready to sell.

Find multi-purpose furniture, for example, that offers hidden storage. A coffee table with a lift-out lid, or a couch with storage space in the bench, will add extra storage without adding to the clutter.


2. Renovate Your Kitchen

The hub of the home, a kitchen renovation is the easiest way to add both practical and monetary value to your home.

Older kitchen layouts, for example, may feel clunky and not give you enough room to move around. Changing where the cupboards and appliances are could revolutionize how you use the space and make it a really enjoyable room to spend time in.

You don’t even have to invest in a large remodel, either. A simple spruce up with new cupboard doors or flooring can make the kitchen space feel more modern, bright, and welcoming.

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3. Do Some Landscaping

Hire a gardener or get your green fingers to work! Spend some time investing in the landscaping of the exterior of your property to create a more enjoyable environment for you now – and future residents, too.

If your lawn is hard to manage, consider paving or decking for low-maintenance gardening. If your hedges block out the light, it’s time to trim them back.

Simple changes will make your home feel more inviting the moment anyone walks through the garden gate!

Quick tips on adding some value with outdoor upgrades!


4. Reach for the Blue Paint

It’s true: blue paint can add thousands of dollars to your home’s sale price. Any hue of blue can do the trick, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. The best part is that it’s good for you too: the calming effect of blue tones will help you to relax and enjoy your home.


5. Invest in a Deep Clean

The latest fashion in spring cleaning, thanks to Marie Kondo, is deciding whether your belongings ‘spark joy’. If they don’t, get rid of them! This’ll help you to declutter your home, providing more space and a calm environment.

But if you really want to freshen up your home, invest in a deep cleaning service. Getting years of grime out of the floors, cupboards, and walls will make it feel like you’ve got a new house – even if you’ve been there for years.


Create A Smart Home (In More Ways Than One)

As you can see, knowing how to add value to your home doesn’t mean you need a lot of capital investment. It’s all about taking the small things in your home and making changes over time to create a happy environment.

However, if you really want to future-proof your home for your own enjoyment – and to get a great sale price when the time comes – consider smart home technology. Check out the latest gadgets and gizmos that add plenty of personal – and financial – value to your home!