Remember the days when everyone joked about having robots in their homes who instantly knew exactly what the family needed? With the proliferation of smarter devices and appliances, what was once fantasy has become reality. You can now have the smart home of your dreams.

Whether you are building a new home and want to incorporate the latest gadgets and technologies into the fabric of your residence, or you already have a house and want to upgrade, you owe it to yourself to learn about the coolest items available. Not only do they represent the best use of computerization and software for homeowners, but they give you increased peace of mind and efficiency.


Refrigerators with Embedded Monitors

Forget about going gaga over refrigerators with special crisper drawers, instant ice cubes, and a constant supply of fresh water. Today’s models have turned techier than you might have imagined. One visit to any big box retailer will show you just how far refrigerators and freezers have gone in terms of high-tech. Ironically, the retailers probably don’t have the savviest of all refrigeration devices, such as the Samsung four-door smart fridge.

As you might imagine from a computer manufacturer, Samsung has integrated computers and refrigerators. Featuring a built-in touch screen and all the amenities of a portable device (without being portable, of course), the Samsung refrigerator takes connectivity to the next level. Sync up any smart phone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth to integrate shopping; the voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI) component can even order groceries automatically from suppliers like AmazonFresh®.

The price tag for this type of refrigerator is significant, clocking in at $5,000. Still, if it saves copious amounts of time and money, it could turn out to be a bargain for a larger family regularly on the go.


Voice-Activated Devices

By now, you’ve heard about Amazon Echo and similar products that allow you to do everything from find the year your favorite movie opened in theatres to buy a new pair of size 10 jeans from a preferred online retailer. These types of voice-activate devices are beginning to pop up more frequently, and have finally overcome some of their initial kinks.

How can you use these types of gadgets in your new, custom home? Consider investing in a unit that gives you the option to turn lights on and off, or control the ambient room temperature in zoned areas by voice. As voice integrated devices explore further uses of machinery like the Echo, it may become possible for you to instantly and with a vocal command do everything from turning on the oven to locking all the doors.

Sure, it might take a little learning curve to become accustomed to talking to an inanimate object when you want a task accomplished, but it won’t be long before you rely on your voice-activated device to make life a little simpler.


Light Bulbs with More Options and Longer Shelf Lives

We all know the feeling of exasperation that comes with everyday light bulbs. Even the smartest of the batch have to be replaced, usually at the most inopportune moments. It’s no wonder that light bulb manufacturers are looking for ways to improve our interactions with their everyday products.

Some of the advances in the light bulb industry run the gamut from more aesthetically pleasing bulbs to those that are truly reliable. For instance, some light bulbs are available – for a higher price tag than their ordinary counterparts – that change colors through the use of an app. Feeling in a blue mood? Want to create a reddish tint in your living space? You can immediately and quickly switch up the hue emanating from the bulb.

Other light bulbs produce a standard white light, but have built-in technology that keeps them lit… even when the power goes off. No more hunting for candles or kerosene lanterns, or killing your smart phone battery by utilizing the flashlight feature, when a storm knocks out the power. Smart bulbs like those that come from BeOn are built for reliability.


Completely Customizable, Hands-Off Thermostats

Have you noticed more commercials and advertisements for smart thermostats? The selections are increasing every year thanks to innovators in this sector of the housing market. Now, it’s possible to connect your heating and cooling to an app on your phone or your voice-activated device.

With a swipe of your finger or a clear, loud statement, you can manage all the thermostat-related issues in your house. Want to bump up the temperature a few degrees without moving from your comfy spot on the couch? An app makes it possible. Away from your new home but forgot to turn off the air conditioning? Your smart phone is all you need.

Again, these types of thermostats have been popping up for several years, but they’re getting better equipped all the time. Many integrate with other elements of your household, such as your security system, to provide tons of options in one convenient location.


Wi-Fi Enabled Cams for Interior and Exterior Safety

Feel like you want to take your home security to the next level and ensure you can monitor everyone who comes onto your property? You can do it reliably with interior and exterior Wi-Fi enabled cameras and video monitors.

Plenty of incredibly discreet monitoring devices have emerged because homeowners crave peace of mind, whether they are in their homes or away from them. With specialized monitors, you have complete control even if you aren’t anywhere in the vicinity of your property. Many families install cameras and related technologies inside, too, to keep tabs on kids who are at home alone, or even pets.

When searching for any Wi-Fi enabled cam, be sure to do your homework. Find one that works for your specific, individualized needs. And always look for the ratings and reviews before making your final purchase.

Get ready to live in a home of the future – today! How will you increase the comfort for your family with a bit of assistance from technologically advanced gadgetry? Do a little research, or talk to your custom home builder to find out what’s available and perfect for your needs.