The color you choose for your front door ultimately defines your house in terms of class, style, and taste. There are several front door color ideas that you can choose from — however, they should fit in with the overall palette of your home. If your home has red brick and white siding, choosing the right door color can be challenging. 

Choosing your front door color will depend on the color of your house, your preferences, and how you’ve decorated your front yard, porch, or entrance. The decoration around the door including external frames and arches matters too. Here are five bold front door colors and tips on how to pick them.


1. Cobalt Blue Door for the Red Brick House

Brick houses vary in color depending on iron content used to make them and the temperature as well. Brick red is a deep color, hence you cannot use any shade of red if elegance is what you’re out for. This means maroon, pink, and such shades are a risk you might not want to take.

On the other hand, you can’t go for a bright (screaming) color like orange or yellow. An excellent bold choice would be a cobalt blue painted front door. Cobalt grey would also match. However, both of these shades do better with a plain white thick exterior door frame.


2. Deep Plum Door for the White House

Many assume that decorating a white house is easy. Well, if you have an eye for color, you might agree to this. If you’re a minimalist, choosing the door color will be a piece of cake. White is clean and screaming consistency — therefore, selecting a screaming color would be the wrong risk to take.

Colors like deep plum or anything deep and slightly shiny like black, navy blue, grass green, and denim blue would match. With a home exterior featuring bright white, you can also choose polite front door colors like blue skies, lime green, coral, and pale pink. These will depend on other factors like your porch décor.


3. The Bright White Door

Wondering when to use the bright white front door color ideas? Well, if your exterior house colors are any dark colors including grey, deep cream, maroon, and the like.  A bright white door always blends with a bright white exterior pediment on the door. Add a well-patterned arch to it and you have yourself an elegantly defined home. The good thing about white is that it goes with everything — including itself.

Yes, you can definitely paint your front door white when your exterior is all white. This is where preference matters — and to be honest, cleanliness too. White is always a risk worth taking because any decoration you add to it, will match naturally.


4. Front Door Colors for Brown Brick Homes

Here goes society’s favorite home color that extensively defines wealth. Brown is such an old school color where the wealthy — back then — loved using brown bricks for designing the house exterior. Decorating such doors is quite easy with many front door color ideas at hand.

Let’s start with brown itself being a great color option. Brown brick can’t be entirely defined as a dark color. Depending on its shade, it can be a bright deep color. This means that another shade of this scheme would perfectly match it. Let’s say your house bricks are cinnamon brown, a tawny or brunette door will fit in perfectly. Even a chocolate door will bring your house to taste. However, not all shades of brown would fit in. Aside from brown itself, a brown brick house would be well complemented by colors like grey, black, white, or mahogany.


5. Front Door Color Ideas for a Beige House

Front door color ideas for a beige house are not as extensive as you’d think. In fact, there’s a fine line between elegant and “Wow, that didn’t work” with different color shades. Beige is pale and looks sandy, hence pairs well with a dark mahogany door.


Perform Color Coordination

Before you start building your dream home and contemplating front door color ideas, do some mock up color tests for the house. For the exterior, choose a roof color that’ll match the door, walls, and other parts of your home. For example — a grey roof goes with a grey door (similar shade) if the house exterior is white. This would change if the house exterior is maroon, brown, and such colors.

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