As Millions of Millennials enter their prime home-owning age, the home building industry could be headed for better times. According to Statista, an estimated 37.5% of Millennials owned homes in 2016, but the figure is expected to rise to 58.1% by 2025. With the latest homeownership craze among millennials and the tight supply of used homes for sale on the market, many are looking at building new versus buying existing.     

Given that your home will reflect your personality, you need to select the right home builder for a customized home design. A well-designed home is considered as the first step towards wellness.  Additionally, considering that building a home is a lifetime investment, it’s only fair that you do your due diligence before hiring a contractor.

The successful home building process begins with the selection of a quality home builder. By following the steps discussed herein, the selection process will not only be more straightforward but also a success.


1. Begin with a Concept Plan

Of course, it all begins with you!  Ask yourself the kind of home you want before even approaching a contractor. This initial step is essential since it lays out the groundwork for the entire project. 

Experienced builders will have a portfolio of plans to help you look at alternatives to narrow in on your ultimate dream design.  You want a plan that suits your current and future needs as well as one that appeals to your sense of flow and design. 


2. Determine the List of Specifications Ahead

Decide on the appliances, accessories, fixtures, and finishes you need for your home. Work with a builder that offers you choices and a variety of styles and one that is upfront with what all is included in the price.  Having the written specifications allows you to compare more easily if you are comparing two different builders.     


3. Estimate the Cost for your Home

A well-laid plan with detailed specifications will help you get ‘apples for apples’ while comparing home builders. It also means the builder will have to stick to the provided pricing since they will already be in agreement prior to commencing construction.  Try to avoid “allowances” in the pricing process as they could lead to issues down the road if the allowance isn’t enough to cover what you want installed.  


4. Is Your Home Builder Insured?

Make sure your contractor is insured since accidents are common in the building industry.  Since your contractor will need to manage several employees to make your project a success, be sure they are insured. This will ensure that your project won’t be disrupted in case of an accident.


What’s the Next Move?

Having comprehended these tips, you should conduct follow-up activities to pick your favorite contractor to commence your project. You can achieve this by:

  • Comparing various builders’ works
  • Conducting an interview to find the perfect fit
  • Keeping in mind the extra costs that might pop up during the construction process
  • Discussing the length of the project
  • Signing a contract with the builder of your choice 


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