It’s a lot of fun to go on home builder websites such as Houzz, Pinterest, and other home design sites when you’re looking at potential builders. There is also a moment when you’re going to have to make some real decisions about which builder will make your dream home a reality.

Your home represents one of the largest investments you will ever make and therefore the selection of a builder is extremely important.

When you are narrowing down your search for home builders, you should use the following key points to compare the different builders on your list.


The Potential Builder’s Reputation

A home builder may claim to be the best, but their reputation is earned among their customers as well as their suppliers and tradespeople. What do their clients and vendors have to say? Are they members of their Home Builders Association and the Better Business Bureau?


Their Experience

Experienced builders are in a better position to consistently deliver high quality homes. Long-standing relationships with the better suppliers and sub-contractors are one reason why. The financial security of an established builder means they will be there for their customers beyond the move-in date.


Your Home’s Written Warranties

Almost any product you purchase is backed by a written warranty in case something goes wrong. What exactly does a home builder’s verbal warranty cover? With written warranties, you know exactly what to expect. Beyond the first year warranty, do they offer long term coverage for things that might go wrong in your home?


Clarity & Communication

In building a house, false assumptions can arise from poor communications. Look for a builder who will review the building process and share this information in writing. Ambiguity is not your friend in the process of building a home. The builder should provide regular client communication throughout the entire construction process.


Your Home Your Way

The original Ford Model T was offered in any color the customer wanted, as long as it was black. While a similar inflexible policy makes it easier for a home builder, you’ll want to work with a builder who offers innovative home designs and will customize the designs and products featured around your lifestyle and preferences. Check out our Flexible Floor Plans!


Fair, Transparent Pricing

Choose a builder who can provide prompt, guaranteed pricing in writing for your new home. A Home builder who has a design/product selections center makes it easy to understand what’s included in the price quoted.

Do not contract your new home with a builder who provides product “allowances” before you have visited each of the vendors to see just what those allowances can actually purchase.

Each of these is important on its own to discuss with your home builder, but when you find a builder that fits into each of these you know you have a good, reputable builder.