Recently the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that one of the largest obstacles to home buyers purchasing an existing home was the ‘home inspection’ before settlement on the property.

In the report which analyzed why more home purchase contracts were being canceled prior to settlement, the NAR reported that home buyers of existing homes were seeing the home inspection as a big hurdle to moving forward to closing. Water, septic tests, and the ‘whole home’ inspection were leading many buyers to back out of  the deal.

With so many existing homes on the market, many buyers will not settle for a ‘less-than-perfect’ property.

Home buyers should know that when buying a NEW Fine line Homes market home or building a NEW home with Fine Line Homes those home inspection worries are ERASED!

Every Fine Line Homes comes with a 10-year RWC Limited Warranty and just as important are the numerous local and state code inspections along the way in building your new Fine Line Home. These inspections assure our buyers the peace-of-mind in knowing that the utmost care is taken by skilled and conscientious tradesmen to deliver your NEW Fine Line Home worry free. Your new home has been inspected many times before you ever move in.

So – erase those home inspection worries – buy a new Fine Line Home.