In 2016 alone, more than 36.6 percent of American households rented their homes. But the times are changing!

More people are looking to get out of the rental market and become homeowners. And for good reason – rent is expensive and all that money never turns into something you own outright.

But when you’re shopping for a house, you’ll have two main choices: newly built homes and pre-existing homes. Though pre-existing homes are great, they lack many of the advantages newly built homes have.

Here are a few of the top benefits you can expect when you buy a new house instead of moving into a decades-old home.


1. Lower Maintenance Requirements

Contractors build new homes with entirely new materials. This means they’re in great condition before and after installation. Not only will this make your house look nicer, but it also lowers your home maintenance requirements.

Think of it this way: older homes have older building materials and fixtures. And as those fixtures age, they develop issues that need to get fixed. For most homeowners, those minor issues mean major maintenance headaches.

As soon as one thing gets fixed, another breaks and you’re sacrificing your days off just to keep up with the repairs. Buying a new-construction home means you won’t have to worry about those maintenance issues for years to come.


2. More Energy-Efficient Materials

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of modern new home design. This means everything from the roofing materials to the light fixtures installed throughout the home work without excessively raising your energy bills.

The longer you own the home, the more money you’ll save on heating, cooling, and electricity costs.

Older building materials simply lack the efficiency of newer materials. Technology has changed, making it easier and cheaper to produce highly efficient products without breaking the bank. This also means those materials are more readily available and come standard on most new homes.


3. Customizable Designs

When you’re buying a pre-built house, you’re limited to the existing floor plan. If you decide to make changes, you have to pay out-of-pocket for any home renovations and remodeling.

Considering that the average cost of a small bathroom remodeling project ranges from $1,000 to $62,000, creating the home of your dreams can quickly become expensive.

When you buy a new-construction home, you have the opportunity to customize the features and pick the perfect floor plan for your needs before the project starts. This can save you thousands in future remodeling costs. Your home will be the right fit long before your move-in date.


4. Safer Building Regulations

Building codes are in place to keep you safe in your house. Though we’ve had them for decades, those codes do change.

When you’re buying an older house, it may not be up to the current code. That doesn’t mean the house is necessarily unsafe. It just means that it’s not as safe as it should be.

But newly constructed homes are always built up to the current code’s regulations. The contractors make sure everything meets or exceeds current safety standards, giving you peace of mind.

You and your family will be able to live in the house for decades without worrying about the safety of the materials or having to update your electrical system. Just remember to keep things maintained and you’ll be good to go!


5. Save Money

New homes come with new fixtures and appliances. And those appliances have manufacturers’ warranties to help protect your investment.

The warranties help cover the cost of repairs or replacements due to a manufacturer’s defect.

Older appliances and fixtures won’t have current warranties in place and they’re almost always more likely to break. The parts wear down and the previous owner may not have maintained them as well as they should.

This means something will break eventually. When it does, you’ll pay full price to repair or replace it. By investing in a new-construction house, you’ll save money on unexpected repairs.


6. Newly Built Homes Are Move-In Ready

Buying older homes has a reputation for being more affordable. But a lower selling price often means you’ll have to take care of repairs and upgrades before you move in.

Depending on the contractor you’re working with, this could delay your move for several months.

Buying a new house allows you to avoid that frustration. They’re move-in ready the moment you close on the house. You won’t have to wait for renovations or worry about finding a temporary rental to stay in until your home is ready.


7. Focused on Modern Needs

The way people lived in the ’70s is not how we live today. These days, we rely on electronics for almost everything.

Older homes just don’t have the wiring to handle most current electricity needs. Worse, they don’t have outlets where you need them.

New construction homes get designed with modern electrical usage in mind. This means the wiring and systems in place can handle modern current loads without turning into a fire hazard. And you’ll be able to run multiple high-wattage electrical devices at the same time without overloading the system!

It also means you’ll have access to outlets where you need them. You won’t have to hunt for a place to plug your computer in or struggle to place the television in the living room.

And as part of your customizable design, you can always request additional outlets during the design process if you feel they’re needed.


See the Benefits of Newly Built Homes Yourself

Newly built homes are one of the smartest investments you can make for your family’s comfort, safety, and security. And finding the right design is no harder than looking for a pre-built house.

Check out our home plans and let our team build a house you’ll call home for decades to come. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you love the design, the fixtures, and everything in between. Schedule a consultation today.