Here’s the thing: there’s a massive world of difference between “antique” and “outdated.”

“Antique” implies something chosen because it was old and tasteful, while “outdated” means something was left in the dust by time. If there’s one thing we don’t want our homes to be, it’s outdated. However, unless you’re constantly reading home design magazines and websites, it’s difficult to stay up on modern trends. Are we still doing shag carpets?

Slow down. We’ve got you covered in our helpful guide on what to include in a modern floor plan. Let’s draw out a plan for your new, modern home.


Things to Include in a Modern Floor Plan

We’ve broken it down into easy, bite-sized pieces so you have a handy, at-a-glance guide when designing your dream home.

Also, this isn’t an exhaustive list – you certainly don’t need every single one of these features.


Look at Your Lifestyle

Have you ever walked into a person’s house for a party or get-together that they’re holding…in the basement?

Here’s the thing: your home should be designed based on how you want to use it. That means doing some thinking about your most important features. For example, if you intend to entertain your friends a lot, think about features like a large, open living room, a kitchen with a bar area, or a roomy dining space.

Maybe your home will be a family holiday destination. If so, you’re probably going to need guest rooms. Consider making a list of your priorities for your house and designing based on that.


Select a Site

Prior to even putting pencil to the page, you need to have a space picked out. It’d be awful to spend a lot of time planning a house only to realize it won’t fit or your yard space is completely taken up by additions or extensions of the home.

Don’t look at choosing a site as a chore, though. Make sure you pair with a good builder or real estate agent to help pick out the perfect piece of land. This is a important part to get right.

Your home’s future site is as important as the design of the home. For example, is it near a freeway? That can be awfully noisy, especially if you have a newborn or plan to have children soon.Consider how close the space is to vital amenities like grocery stores and schools.


Amenities or Size?

While it would be great to have a huge home full of modern amenities, it’s not always possible depending on your budget. That’s why it’s important to weigh having nicer amenities or more space.

Consider your lifestyle. If you don’t spend a huge amount of time in the bedroom or living room, it may not be worth spending more money for large rooms. Instead, that money can be funneled into modern appliances or expenses like furniture, decorations, etc.

Always consider what you want out of your home when designing a floor plan.


What’s Next?

Now that you know what to plan for in a modern floor plan, your head may be spinning with possibilities.

Remember: you don’t need to do this alone. We provide a large number of floor plans for your next home, and we can even customize plans to your needs. Visit our site today to learn more!