LED Lamp

As lighting technology evolves and energy efficiency becomes increasingly important for builders and consumers alike, LED lighting is taking center stage. With advancements in color consistency, light output, and cost-effectiveness, there’s no doubt that LED is a major player in the design world – for both residential and commercial markets.

It’s important for consumers and professionals to be properly educated on the LED “lingo” and the variety of LED options available today. With more people considering renovations that incorporate LEDs, the following question often arises:

“Why would a customer choose an integrated LED fixture instead of
a medium base fixture with an LED lamp?”

Progress Lighting’s Director of Decorative Product Development David Peek takes this question head on. Read on to learn the benefits of integrated LED solutions compared to fixtures used with LED bulbs.

  1. Energy Star Ratings: If a customer or job specification requires an Energy Star-rated luminaire, the technology must be integrated into the fixture.
  2. Better Performance: The performance and life of an integrated LED fixture has been validated for the luminaire. In a standard fixture with an LED lamp, the stated life and performance of the LED lamp is not optimized for the luminaire.
  3. Lamp Restrictions: Most LED lamps have manufacturer restrictions and/or warnings against use in enclosed fixtures or use with dimmers. All of Progress Lighting’s LED fixtures are designed for use with standard dimmers.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: With integrated LED fixtures, lighting distribution has been optimized for directional applications (such as wall or ceiling) providing a more aesthetically pleasing solution.
  5. Cost Effectiveness: Many LED fixtures do not have a net price increase when compared with a CFL fixture of the same design. Plus, the LED fixture provides better life and CRI (correlated color temperature).
  6. Energy and Maintenance Savings: In regards to operation and maintenance costs, an integrated LED luminaire delivers energy savings (lower energy costs) and eliminates maintenance costs (no lamp to replace).
  7. Eliminates Bulb Theft: In public or outdoor spaces, integrated LED solutions negate the problem of bulb theft.

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