Visit a Design Center and See Your Dream Take Shape

Building a custom home provides an incredible opportunity to get everything you need, with the details you desire. But, for most hopeful homeowners, the thought of creating a home on their own is too overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: visiting a design center in your area will set the wheels in motion.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of a home builder’s design center:


design center


Touching Experience: Up-Close Look at Products

Despite the rise of e-commerce, research shows consumers still prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores. According to the TimeTrade 2017 State of Retail survey report, the lure of a physical store is tied to shoppers’ preference to touch and feel products before they make a purchasing decision.

Think about buying a new car. For weeks you could look at a vehicle online. But until you go to the dealership and sit in it and drive it, you’ll never truly experience that car and know if it’s right for you.

Thus, people may enjoy researching from the comfort of their couch, but when it comes time to actually purchase, they want to see different features up close. Having the opportunity to examine and compare all of the options at a design center makes decisions much easier.


Guidance: Knowledgeable Consultants

In addition to appreciating the tactile experience, the TimeTrade survey found shoppers also value face-to-face interactions with helpful store associates. Knowledgeable housing consultants are available in a design center to assist you with all aspects of your new home from start to finish.

They can provide valuable information about house plans, materials, products, prices, and address any questions or concerns you may have about the building process. Also, housing consultants can direct you to the best products for your personal needs and budget.


Customization: Tell Us What You Want

Home is more than a word. It’s a feeling that’s unique to you. And a cookie-cutter house just won’t do. In fact, research shows buyers want homes that are a reflection of their own personalities.

This is when customizing comes into play and where a home builder’s design center shines. Because today’s home buyers expect a variety of choices for the materials and finishes that will be used in their new home, builders must deliver.

Therefore, from samples of siding, shingles, and stone to countertops, cabinetry, and carpeting, homebuyers can explore them all firsthand in a design center.


Technology: See Your Dream Come to Life

Exploring and comparing product samples in person is important. But it’s sometimes difficult to imagine what your home will actually look like from small swatches and displays. Because home buyers want to actually see how customizations will look in their new home, a design center should provide the resources to do so.

For example, each of Fine Line Homes’ consultants has a 3D visualization tool that allows them to “build” the home with customizations right on the desktop. In addition, Fine Lines Homes’ exclusive online Visualizer enables customers to pick colors and materials for the exterior of their home.

Translating an idea into a more lifelike form that can be examined and changed until it’s exactly what you want is one of the benefits of a home builder’s design center.


Convenience: All You Need in One Place

Finally, the design center has assembled all you will need under one roof. Homebuyers can make their selections in a casual atmosphere without ever leaving the design center. This creates a seamless shopping experience without the expense and hassle of traveling between different stores to price and select items for your home.

Showing all of the products in one location lets you know exactly what you’re getting for the price. And when you can view materials together, making color selections is a lot easier.


In Conclusion

A design center provides many benefits. It’s the perfect place to begin creating a home that fits your particular lifestyle. When you can see products in person and get help from experienced, friendly professionals, your custom home starts to take shape right before your eyes.

Fine Line Homes is a leading home builder in Central PA, Northeastern PA, and Southern New York. The best way to see the Fine Line Homes difference is to experience it. Visit one of our design centers and see your dream home come to life.

We have five conveniently located Model Homes and Design Centers in Harrisburg, PA, Hazleton, PA, State College, PA, Lewisburg, PA, and Sayre, PA to serve you.