One of Fine Line Homes’ newest ranch house plans is called the “Austin” and comments from visitors to the website have been coming in.

The first impression usually comments on ‘how cute it looks’ with its ‘fresh cottage design.’ The front porch and cottage-style shingles on the front gable accent this look. But once inside the front door, prospective Buyers are also finding it very functional. It is clearly designed for Buyers who are looking for a small, attractive and ‘user friendly’ home.

That appeal has recently centered on very young couples without children yet or the more traditional ‘empty nesters who want the convenience of ‘functional and easy to get to’ spaces without moving to a rental home or a group facility.

Both groups comment how “everything (the laundry, spare bedrooms, kitchen and family room) is steps away!

Important to empty nesters who want the convenience of being a very short distance from bedroom, bath, laundry and entertaining space but still with that traditional “my home” feeling. Young ‘first time Buyer’ couples see the spare bedrooms as the “1st nursery”.

The “Austin” is a Fine Line Homes ranch plan to consider as a special segment of today’s home Buyers want “their own place” at the right price without the king-size space.