An established home builder with purchasing power can pass those savings onto you.

Everyone loves saving money. And when you find a money-saving tip for a major purchase like your dream home, cutting costs sounds even more appealing.

Many factors such as the home size, design, and features you select affect the price of your new home. But did you know the builder you hire significantly impacts the cost of your custom home?

Custom home builders vary in quality and pricing. Specifically, not all builders have the ability to volume purchase the materials they use. Choosing a well-established builder with buying power assures you’ll receive the best price for your dream home.

In this article you will learn:

  • What buying power means
  • How volume purchasing is related to saving on home construction
  • Why purchasing power matters beyond cost savings


What is Buying Power?

The term “buying power” has different meanings depending on the context and industry. In business, buying power is the ability to purchase a lot of goods and services at a better price. It’s also sometimes referred to as purchasing power.


How Purchasing Power Works

Think of purchasing power as buying in bulk. In general, when you buy a larger amount of something, the cost per unit tends to be lower.

To illustrate, consider a household staple like toilet paper. If a bulk package of 20 rolls of toilet paper is $13, then each roll costs $0.65. But if a four-pack of the same brand sells for $4, then each roll costs $1. Without a doubt, the larger package is a better value.

A home builder’s buying power works in a similar way only they are purchasing appliances, flooring, light fixtures, cabinetry, and much more.


Why Buying Power Matters

From a business perspective, high volume purchasing enables the supplier to lower the cost per unit, which has a direct impact on the builder’s pricing.

The more materials a builder can purchase from a supplier, the bigger the discount the supplier can provide to the builder. In turn, the home builder can pass through those savings to their clients.

Thus, volume-based discounts benefit both the home builder and their customers.


Benefits of Buying Power Beyond Cost Savings


1. Creates Great Relationships

Becoming a trusted business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort to make connections and develop relationships with suppliers.

Fine Line Homes leverages our various suppliers to provide displays and samples for our Design Centers so customers can make informed material selections. In contrast, smaller builders typically do not have design centers or material displays available.


2. Helps You Go Green

Home builders with buying power can purchase materials in bulk. Buying large quantities at one time means fewer trips back and forth from the construction site to the store saving fuel, money, and time.


3. Keeps Builders on Schedule

Having the materials on hand eliminates the possibility of late deliveries and schedule delays. When workers can stay at the construction site, they’re able to finish your home on or ahead of schedule.


4. Provides Consistent Quality

A custom home builder can maintain a high standard across jobs because of high volume purchasing. Fine Line Homes has partnered with many well-known manufacturers. Their high-quality products provide a consistent look to our homes.

For example, on the exterior, Tamko® 30 year random-cut sawtooth designed shingles increase all of our homes’ curb appeal. On the interior, staggered height and depth Yorktowne® Cabinetry give a custom look, and soft closing hinges and fully extending drawers make these beautiful cabinets user-friendly.


5. Gives the Best Prices for High-Quality Products

An established home builder’s buying power enables them to provide their customers with proven, trustworthy products at a better price.

Fine Line Homes Five Star Product Program ensures the products and materials in your home are a higher grade. We use products with name brand recognition such as Whirlpool® Appliances, Therma-Tru Doors, and Schlage® Door Hardware.

Also, Fine Line Homes offers their custom build homes as a complete Turn-Key package. The base prices of all of our homes include items such as the basement, heating and cooling system, water heater, cooking range, and more.


In Conclusion

Saving on home construction is a priority. Homebuyers can save money by hiring a builder with strong buying power. In business for over 45 years, Fine Line Homes has developed excellent relationships with our suppliers, giving us purchasing power and you lower costs.

All of Fine Line Homes’ offices have received recognition from Residential Warranty Company certifying our homes meets technical and ethical competency and are registered to provide the 10 Year New Home Warranty.

Also, we have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2004 with an A+ rating.

Are you ready to take the next step toward your dream home? Fine Line Homes can offer affordable custom home pricing through volume purchasing for our five offices located in Lewisburg, Hazleton, Sayre, State College, and Harrisburg.

Please contact one of our Housing Consultants to get started. We look forward to meeting you!