Wouldn’t having a low-maintenance home be “mentally freeing”?

We agree, so selecting products used in the construction of your home which are easy to care for is one of “lenses” we use.

Building an Easy-Care, Low-Maintenance Home Floor coverings are particularly important, because of the long reach. Just as certain carpeting is more stain-resistant, ease of cleaning should be a consideration in tile and hardwood floors, too.

Bathrooms are another area where low-maintenance is critical. One-piece sink/countertops eliminate the seam common to drop-in sinks where bacteria can grow undisturbed. While beautiful, tile (and grout!) present more upkeep issues than fiberglass or other 1-piece tub/shower surrounds and shower pans.

From tilt-in windows for easy cleaning, to longer lasting products that don’t have to be replaced as often, smart choices abound when the goal is reduced maintenance. You might even consider a high-performance air cleaner which traps 99+% of the dust-because you won’t have to dust as often!