Getting everybody out the door on time in the morning should qualify you for a merit badge!  Especially if you have middle school or older boys AND girls in your household, you know that sibling conflict often peaks when they’re getting ready for school.

Allow us to suggest as you are considering different home designs, to look closely at the layout of the kids’ bathroom(s).  While the standard hall bath was a design mainstay, the introduction of a compartmented bath, with the sink(s) in a separate area from the toilet and bathtub means two people can be using the bathroom at the same time.

Consider Fine Line Homes’ Abington home plan featured below.  The hall bath layout presents a wide vanity with two sinks.  In the time it takes your daughter to get her hair dried and put on her make-up, one of your sons can get showered and still another of your boys gets his teeth brushed and ready to head out the door…on time!