While Fine Line Homes owns developments with building lots in select areas, we do build on the customers’ lot as well.

Over the course of time, my wife and I have had three homes built by Fine Line Homes and in each case it was on land we already owned. By purchasing the lot first, some of the decisions like location were already decided so we could then focus on selecting the builder.

Some of the items that need to be confirmed before construction begins include zoning, deed restrictions, survey with pins locating the corners of the lot and setbacks to establish the building area.

Depending on your lot, you will either need a sewer permit for municipal sewer or a septic permit. If a septic system is required, you will want to confirm the lot is perc tested for an approved system prior to the purchase.

Other permits needed include driveway, zoning, and building.


Site Development

We will arrange for the site development or you may do this yourself. If there are unusual characteristics to your lot, you may want to discuss this with your Housing Consultant and arrange for a lot meeting.

The Housing Consultant can use typical site development cost to create a budget but cost vary and if the lot requirements exceed typical conditions, a lot meeting with the foremen can help establish a more accurate site development budget.

When you have the closing with the lender for the mortgage, we schedule a Pre-Building Talk prior to construction starting. This is to review everything is complete, home plans are finalized and the construction process reviewed.

Our foreman will then meet you at the lot to discuss the placement of the house, the location of the driveway and utilities, and discuss site conditions in general.

Construction is about to begin. It is fulfilling and exciting to see your dream house become a reality. We would be honored if you chose Fine Line Homes to be your home builder and we stand committed to providing you the ultimate new home experience.


Haven’t selected your property yet?

If you know you want to build on your own land but you haven’t selected a piece of property yet, there are some questions you should be asking in order to select the right piece of land.

We’ve put a list of questions to ask about a property when you’re searching. This list can help you make sure you know as much as possible about the land before you purchase it.